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Why I Upload My Standup to YouTube...and Why You Shouldn't

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I was contemplating arguing for why some comedians don't upload their standup to Youtube. My case was to inform audiences of the talent available. Who are performing where, when and what type. As it seems we just consume bad news, crappy political bias and lavish lifestyle videos.

And then I realised...no, I don't want other comedians to upload.

I am glad many other comedians don't upload their work. I don't need eyeballs to be a hot commodity in the information technology space. No need to compete with more than Gabi McGabGab teaching eye-liner tricks.

I don't want to worry about a young comic in another part of the country getting more views than me. When he threw up 10 minutes of material about hijacking and agreeing with Julius Malema..

Please don't upload your funniest material, especially if you feel like it might get stolen by another comic and passed off as their own. I don't mind if mine is. I need an excuse to make it live somewhere else so I can force myself to write new material and encourage people to see me.

And it's not like music anyway, where you watch your favourite bands just to see them play the same song that moves you every time. How crazy though when friends who haven't seen me in a while go nuts when I leave out my joke about my dad owning a corner shop. They actually get upset.

I can't stand when I search for "south african standup" on YouTube and I can't find myself on it. So annoying. There's Trevor Noah, and then there's a few guys from Pretoria, Johannesburg, one from Cape Town but playing in Johannesburg and another unpronounceable location. Can you please end this terrible self-promotion so I may thrive?


...you could upload your standup, give audiences a quick shot of your work and provide them a reason to see you by linking to your Facebook profile or website, and maybe write new material or perform your best hits in a different way?

Just saying?

He procrastinates like crazy, has little friends and a blog with no traffic. All in all, he's doing well if he's at least breathing.

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