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top 5 tv shows you need to pirate

Top 5 Classic Comedy TV Shows You Need to Pirate Right Now

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Teehee. Of course you shouldn't pirate any TV show, that's horrible and illegal. But, as classic comedy TV shows go, these Top 5 are the best at instigating humour and laughter without feeling outdated and old.

Night Court

The premise, a young lawyer appointed judge for a late-night petty crimes court, is fairly original. But yet again, the supporting cast lift the scenes up with comedy genius.

Like Richard Moll's Bull learning a new word everyday and has it ready as a response, while John Larroquette's smarmy Dan Fielding oozes sexual harrassment at every turn.

'Allo 'Allo

The beloved antics of Britain's spoof on occupied France in World War 2 may have kept it with audiences enamoured with sarcasm and dry wit, but the cast yet again gave us the most memorable quotes of any television sitcom.

From Rene's constant retorts when caught with any of the waitresses, "You stupid woman! Can't you see she's upset?" to the Resistance leader's warning, "Listen very carefully, I shall zay zis only vonce."

As a note, lead actor Gorden Kaye passed away in January. #RIP, Rene.

Spin City

It helps that Michael J Fox was always that lovely guy every woman wanted to put in the middle of their bodice and walk away with. His attitude and energy built up a very convincing leadership that everyone seemed to follow without question.

Charlie Sheen did take over (isn't it that every sitcom is in he's called by "Charlie") and it worked out alright too.

The Golden Girls

In today's pitch for TV shows, one thing is consistent in every formula...the leads have to be young and beautiful. So the same tactic used for the Golden Girls, which lasted a whopping seven seasons, wouldn't work in today's quest for youth and vigour.

Still, hearing Blanche be outrageous with her quest for sexual endeavours with men will turn any young debutants head anyday, and Sophia's quips were razor sharp. "What did you model, car covers?"

Mad About You

The best feel-good situational comedy about relationships, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt starred as a newly married couple running through life in the bustling city of New York.

Despite being Paul's vehicle, Helen Hunt and the rest of the supporting cast shone with impeccable comedic timing. Who could forget John Pankow's smart-ass Cousin Ira, Hank Azaria's downplayed but lovable Nat, and his charge, the insanely funny Murray (I'm talking about the dog)?

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