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top10 best moments of 2016

Top 10 best moments of 2016

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I hate reflecting on the past. By that, I mean that I LOVE reflecting on the past, all the things I've done, the people I've met and the wonderful experiences I've enjoyed. And 2016 is no exception.

I don't try to be too narcissistic. Yes, I own a blog, I'm a comedian and I'm the type to admit that I look at myself in every reflection I walk past in. You know, just in case I have a hair loose. But I don't TRY to be TOO narcissistic.

It's cathartic though when I look back at the moments of 2016 and appreciate what has happened. There were some huge changes, I mean big ones. And all for the better, I hope.

I do include events that weren't part of my everyday life, like celebrity deaths. Government referendums. Oil price changes. You think it's silly? Never, those shape our public conciousness and all the better for it, so why disregard them in our lives?

Here's my list, have a good read:

  1. I started my job in the advertising industry
  2. I left an abusive relationship and found the best one ever.
  3. I bought my home.
  4. Brexit and Donald Trump.
  5. Pravin Gordhan being charged by the NPA.
  6. My uncle and Gene Wilder both passed away.
  7. I rejoined Facebook.
  8. I met the Ambassador of Portugal in South Africa.
  9. Racist Facebook posts by white people
  10. Admitting that I'm not THAT much of a comedian

1. I started my job in the advertising industry

Working for my new company as a Project Manager has fundamentally changed my perceptions of maturing and growing up in a world where others truly depend on you for being front and centre on every aspect of a project, but it pushed my own thinking to the limit, and I appreciated it.

2. I left an abusive relationship and found a better one.

It goes without saying, for those that don't know me that my previous relationship was fraught with selfishness and ambiguity, and put a strain on everyone that wished nothing but good intentions. And after I broke free and looked ahead to the future, I ran into the best thing that has ever entered my life. We're being mature and giving it the whole of 2017 before we up the level to marriage, but how the past 7 months have been, it's looking pretty good.

3. I bought my home.

I'm not blazing about it, but it's sufficient for my needs and has become the start of a good investment that I've been longing for for a while. I wish I wasn't on it alone, and choosing the colours before having to paint it at least 3 times over was hell, but it's coming together and looking pretty fine, and I'm happy with the result.

4. Brexit and Donald Trump

Like the one correspondent on The Daily Show mentioned, it's "the age where decency took the money and ran". The liberal world was shocked by the explosive results of two world-famous democracies returning to autocratic rule, and none more so that the intellectuals who predicted otherwise. The masses want their say, and they'll say it from the keyboard and from the racism rallies. Good for them, bad for all of us.

5. Pravin Gordhan being charged by the NPA.

That knocked all South Africans out for six. The finance minister in charge of Treasury and the coffers therein, being accused of malpractice while at the South African Revenue Service, shook the economic structures and sent the rand tumbling, although not as far down as Nene's appointment in 2015. Still, myself and the rest of the population foot the bill with heavier prices on bread and fuel, thank you.

6. My uncle and Gene Wilder passed away.

It wasn't so much that someone I knew died, but more that I was in the hallway when the screams began. That will continue to haunt me, and remind myself that I am a small organism ready to expel at any moment, and today is the day to do something. Thankfully, one of my useful somethings is to hold the one I love, which is a lot.

Meanwhile, Gene Wilder was the god of comedy for me. Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, See No Evil Hear No Evil. It saddens me.

7. I rejoined Facebook.

I needed to, to let people know I still exist, and to try and get all the creative work I've been doing to the masses in whichever form possible.

8. I met the Ambassador of Portugal in South Africa.

I was invited to MC for the dinner of the SA Portuguese Chamber of Commerce annual business awards, and on the balcony I was so nervous. A gentlemen in a pin-stripe suit came out and I asked him poiltely for a cigarette to which he obliged. Yes, that's how I met an Ambassador, right before I took the mickey out of him onstage.

9. Racist Facebook posts by white people.

We don't need this; I walk through life each day wondering when will I be targeted just for the tone of my skin, exactly as how people used to live between the 40's and 80's when passbooks were still required, and now we have idiots posting up angry comments about "monkeys by the seaside" etc.

In England, you were targeted because you looked defenseless or someone was that desperate and you were unlucky to be around. And there, a difference of opinion meant because of your ideology you've chosen and the argument you'd make for that agenda, not what your forefathers prepared for you.

10. Admitting that I'm not THAT much of a comedian

My previous relationship knocked me back a lot with this one, but this year I realised I haven't pushed myself at all, even backtracking on the regularity of the hustle I should've been bringing to the table and letting others shine under the spotlight. I have dastardly funny in my own, daring way. But even just to show up has been difficult without feeling useless or ridiculed. I hope that 2017 I do better.

So here's to 2017; may it shower us with love and kisses, and hopefully we don't screw it up like the last time.

To top it all off, here's some photographic highlights of 2016:

The Fix Launch 2016 Birthday 2016 img_6143 img_6184 img_6556 img_7153 img_7255 img_7357 img_7421 img_7887 img_7958 img_8287 img_8430 img_8533 img_8534 img_8535 img_8860 img_8994 img_9009 img_9037 img_9091 img_9106

He procrastinates like crazy, has little friends and a blog with no traffic. All in all, he's doing well if he's at least breathing.

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