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Connecting with Your Audience

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As a comic, one of our initial tasks as performers is to connect to you guys, the audience, to share both emotions and relative ideas and in this first piece of material I’d like to share with you my love for… breathing.

Yes we all need to breathe. Presumably all animals alike, the fish in the sea, the amoeba growing in the primordial soup, all of us require oxygen to live.

And yes, we all love to breathe. It’s so taken for granted considering that love doesn’t always factor into the equation, we all have to breathe or else we perspire, we fall and our life-force will leave our corporial shells to float away in some inter-dimensional existence, if those robe-wearing monks in Tibet are to be believed. But in my head, I do enjoy the art of intaking a lung-full of oxygen and exhaling explosive carbon dioxide into the clear and present atmosphere, that same atmosphere that provides all life on earth with the ozone (I still cringe at the fact that mathematically I have or will breathe in a remnant of Hitler’s farts).

I even love the moments when I hestitate, the times when I need to hold my breath in anticipation of that big reveal that eventually comes, or the shock that you get when you realize that what you were hoping…actually happens.

Like that last episode of Friends when Ross listens to the message Rachel left on the answering machine when she’s trying to leave the plane, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but I need to get off the plane, ok? I need to tell someone I love them!”

The stewardess says, “Miss, I can’t let you off the plane.”

And Ross screams at his machine, “Let her off the plane!”

Rachel responds, “Oh please miss, you don’t understand!”

And when the message cuts off, Ross leaps to his feet, yells at the top of his voice, “No! No! Oh my God! Did she get off the plane? Did she get off the plane?”

And at that moment, you wait, hoping that with the power of your own mind you change the outcome so positively that nothing else matters. Eventually then, you hear this little voice, stage right, that fulfills that wish, and that line is:

“I got off the plane.”

So, who likes farting?


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Not that I post blogs everyday, but I just thought of something that I find exciting, and whomever comes along to read, hope it gives you a giggle, especially about introductions.

Since October 2008 I’ve been performing stand-up comedy in and around London, England, and it’s been a fascinating journey of experiences, loves, hates, lost in the city, new friends made, etc etc…and I have enjoyed building a small reputation to the ire of some folk that believed I’m no more than a waste of silly space.

One aspect I always found challenging was the Introduction…

It’s stupid of me to say that after a few years of performing in front of crowds big and small, I’ve grown so accustomed to whatever comes my way, but in effect I’ll always get nervous no matter what the crowd, especially last’s night lovely free night in a theatre bar/restaurant.

What I really get nervous about, though, is the first impression. That sets the tone for everything you do (you could even take into account the host welcoming you on stage, even) and you’re pot out of luck if the audience don’t agree with the first set of words or actions travelling light-speed from your stage persona.

I’ve built up a repotoire of introducing myself by using my full name which I won’t say publicly in case some tries to steal it (yip, I know, big ego), but I’ve managed to write up new ways to accentuate the whole schpeel with different punchlines.

Last night, though, was just too easy…

“Hi, my name is Nelson xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx de Gouveia, I’m 30 years old, was born in xxxxxxxx, to a xxxxxxxx family and grew up in xxxxxxxx!”

Audience member: “Yeah, I thought so.”

A big laugh insues. I didn’t need to use my list of potential punchlines. The rest of the set smacked the room and even my housemate, the amazing www.ryancull.com give me some pointers on how to improve some of the jokes I do.

My point is…working hard on something brings great results. But everything, even the introduction, is important.

Edinburgh – Wow oh wow

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Sorry I haven’t been writing for ages, and in addition writing for Edinburgh, which I should as I’ve been having a mad adventure here. It’s literally an occasion like no other, an experience I will certainly never forget and a rollercoaster of emotion that is incomparable to anything else.

One: obviously about me, I have become religiously confident as a stand-up…it’s been a mix and match of comedy quality from gig to gig, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve had an amazing Edinburgh debut at the Kasbar room in Espionage, to a packed room of people (after helping to flyer), then after a better delivery with lesser laughs, but hey, it’s what I do to learn and grow.

Next up I’ve been roped in to warm up an act everyday for the entire run, which guarantees me 5 minutes each day to perform freely without being stuck onto the same material time and time again.

And finally, news of me is spreading amongst the smaller people while the bigger ones at least see my face, and whether I’m on stage and die a little death, they will at least remember that and in the future notice an improvement, if any.

Not to mention running into people, socialising without cause or effect, meeting new patriots to the cause and supporting live comedy everywhere I can get to.

As for work, I obviously can’t see the reaction of my colleagues but I’m managing the time between performing and doing any work I’m needed to do as best as I can. I fear for some delays and repercussions won’t be nice, but I will try my very best and try not to let them down, as they are awesome folks and I love working with them.

Two: Giada is with me and didn’t have a wonderful debut, but we have two different minds regarding what we both want from the Fringe. Hopefully she’ll get her vibe in other shows and do well, which she is far more capable of doing than I am.

Three: Imran Yusuf performed at Michael McIntyre’s Road Show on Sunday, and he’s received 5 stars for his Free Festival show, An Audience with Imran Yusuf. The guy’s over the moon and I’m really blessed to have been around to see it, and thankful he got me into it too. All the best for him and hope he invites me to his LA mansion (he’s sitting next to me as I type this, hope he notices that last bit :P)

I generally don’t write anymore…

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I need to write more

…and I’m sick for doing so. If not to bicker and wail with my garofalo, it’s mainly me waiting on Facebook trying to pick up new gossip about the open-mic comedy. What am I, a girl???????

Face it, though, you pick up gossip in the prospect you meet someone you enjoy standing next to, and the only way to strike up a semi-decent conversation is to ask, “Have you heard the latest about the ongoing saga between such and such?”, which then leads to over-exasperated opinions about God, the devil and that curious fellow standing by the back of the bar wondering how far down he can stick his nose into his glass while trying to be inconspicuous…and failing.

So after ready through bits from my former tutor in college, Chris McEvoy, I’m taking 2 minutes out of my minutae hell to plod along with whatever comes into my head, and today’s topic is………………..the haha of funny comedy.

I intend to run the Camden portal of the Laughing Horse series of shows from this week onwards, either in a administrative or hosting capacity…not to make the dosh but to learn and develop a small function room into a fantastic 2 hour show of cacophonic comedy, loose laughter and merry mirth for punters new and regular to enjoy.

I even had a idea with Lost Prophets and a pair of flashlights to make a grand entrance……..wonder if it’d work? 🙂

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