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Star Wars vs Star Trek - They're really the same thing

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I breach the subject of "have you ever seen Star Trek" with random people in my life, both close and acquaintal, and the response is usually the same:

Dude, Star Wars is so much better.

A formidable response, which I oppose but only to equalise the playing field. I myself don't consider Star Trek better, just that it's as good. It's not a space opera, it's a slow burner. It has more technical know-how but examines the human condition more careful along with actual space battles.

Destroying the Death Star? You're missing out on the Federation taking out the Dominion in DS9, now THAT was a battle.

I have found though that I can shock people with some nerve-wracking similarities between Star Wars and Star Trek, but in true Nelson fashion I take it one step further by including everyone's favourite topic...


Let me reveal the reasons why:

  1. The TV shows and movies were conceived by men; Star Wars was written by George Lucas and Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry.
  2. The Qu'ran was written by the prophet Mohammed and the Bible, more importantly the New Testament, was inspired by the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
  3. Star Wars and Star Trek had their heroes; Luke Skywalker, Obi-Won Kenobi, Leia Organa and Han Solo. Kirk, Picard, Sisqo, Janeway et al
  4. Mohammed and his followers championed Islam, while Jesus and his disciples made their mark on the world.
  5. Star Wars and Star Trek both represented a Brave New World; the inhabitants of Star Wars fought for freedom from the Empire, and Star Trek envisaged a utopia for mankind in a galaxy of wonder.
  6. Mohammed presided over a dream of his people ruling the world, and Jesus Christ fought for freedom for the Jewish people.
  7.  Star Wars had the Galactic Empire to fend off. Star Trek had...well, loads of different enemies.
  8. Christianity were antagonised by the Romans while, well, Islam had everybody.
  9. Star Wars had magic, Star Trek had science.
  10. Christianity had magic, while Islamic had science.

Ponder over it for a while and leave a comment below if you agree/disagree. But really, my article can't be worse than what Steve Anderson ever said.

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