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PHONES – A Comedy Short Film

PHONES (2017) – A Comedy Short Film A sketch comedy film about cellphones. CAST: Joe Emilio Etienne Davids Perrie Archer Philip Nel Cara Ruthernberg...


Driving Test – A Comedy Shortfilm

Check out our latest little comedy shortfilm: TITLE: Driving Test TAGLINE: A Driving Instructor struggles to teach a student the basics. CAST: Joe Emilio...


I painted my nails pink yesterday

I painted my nails pink yesterday. It started as a friendly game with my love interest as she straightened her hair, and I looked at the nail polish she had on...

Comedy Life

Remember Me?

I don’t blog. I don’t. A lot. I do not so in the vain attempt that I look at my blog, stare at the screen for a few minutes, then realise I’m...

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