One day, in my short little life, I’d like the idea of someone saying, “Hey Nelson, I loved your script. Can I buy it from you?” or “Hey Nelson, can I produce your script for you?”

Throughout my career, I’ve heard of this wonderful little world where people hunched over type-writers or computers make an OK living out of ideas fleshed out in a step-by-step script that people will enjoy and, while I’ve dreamed of turning these ideas into reality, the truth of the matter is I don’t have the time, patience or love of many friends to convert these into plausible videos or radio shows.

So I’m making them available to you for free. Here it is, there they are. Feel free to browse, read and be amused by them. Steal them, go ahead. I’ll be proud to just have a credit and enjoy my work out there for people to see. Paul Arden encouraged people to give away their ideas in his book, “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be.“, my motivational Bible and I’m following suit.

And if you want to buy the rights and make it the way you see fit, my contact details are right up there, go ahead and get a hold of me.

And this disclaimer, by the way, was encouraged by Louis C.K.

Short Film Scripts

Relationshop – A lonely guy who longs for a relationship discovers a store that sells them.
Ball-Hater – A man wakes up to find a Dear John letter from his husband (Warning: Adult Content.)
Explosive Nigel – A radio DJ gets sick of performing advert cuts and threatens his producer.
How to Learn French – A humorous take on self-help videos trying to teach you French. (Unfinished)
Star Trek Online – An Intervention – An obsessed online gamer gets an intervention from the games company themselves.
The Interview – A pompous woman who lost it all turns up at an interview and runs into her childhood sweetheart.
House Hunt – A lonely man looking to buy a house falls in love with his frantic single-mother tenant.
A Cornershop Owner Dies – Two gentlemen from the future walk into a business and proclaim to witness the owner’s untimely end.
Be More Specific – A young man at a desk job receives a lamp to find a Genie that gives him wishes more attainable than he bargained for.
Driving Test – Two gentlemen partake in a driving test with a twist.
I Am Fine – A public service announcement detailing the dangers of the statement, “I’m Fine.”
SuperPowers – Three friends talk about their individual superpowers over a beer.

Radio Scripts

Fruit and Veg – A slice of South Africa life and culture explored in a fruit and vegetable business. (Unfinished)
One Man Drama – A Sam Spade-style comedy drama about a PI walking through an alleyway. (Unfinished)

Movie Scripts

Once Upon An Alien Invasion – A loser boyfriend tries to win over his emotional-distant girlfriend during an alien invasion. (First draft, 70 pages.)