Max Turner – 1976-2009 RIP

This is Max Turner, a fellow open-mic comedian I’ve performed with a number of times. Sadly, he passed away over the weekend due to head injuries from a fall in his home.

This is him again, at the Cavendish Arms, performing one of his most recent shows.

My thoughts, and those of all in the circuit who knew him, go to his family and closest friends at this time of grief.


P.S.: I just remembered how I met him…it was at this particular gig in Stockwell…the Comedy Virgins at the Cavendish Arms…I came up to him, introduced myself and said hello, mentioning we met once before at Party Piece in Stoke Newington. Honestly, I was fascinated rather than repulsed by his appearance, and for the life of me I’m so glad I wasn’t so shallow, because for a brief moment in my life I made a friend out of a very lovely man who was far more beautiful on the inside than most of us care to think of ourselves.

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