Laughing Horse Camden presents…Phil Kay & Richard Rycroft! This Weds! £5

Laughing Horse Camden is proud to present our sixth showcase of Edinburgh Previews!:

Phil Kay: Free Hash!

Hash – keep using the stuff you already have. The fabulously direct meandering hilarity bent mind of Phil Kay doing basically outrageously detailed phil-osophic stand-up story musings as bloody funny and like way too madly extra-long and plus well over-extravagantly embellished introductions to real songs like: F**k Mad Men, Moonroof, Venezuelan Girls, Giggle Earth, Goodminton and Penultimatum.

To be at one of Phil’s shows and expect stand-up would be a big mistake Éanything can happen and invariably does! Never is this more true than when performing on his home turf. Glasgow beware! Or, at the very least, bring hard hats.

Phil’s comedy is a unique blend of energy, improvisation and leaps of imagination that take his audience on a joyride they’ll never forget. Even Phil has no idea what might happen when he unleashes his crazy brand of improvised comedy mayhem. He possesses the rare gift of creating a space where audiences feel like they are kids again, all taking part in a practical joke.

Phil launched his stand-up comedy career with a bang in 1989, quickly garnering a host of awards, nominations and glowing reviews. Since then, the plaudits have never stopped as he conquered first the live stage and then television, with appearances on such shows as Phil Kay Feels, (Ch 4), Next Stop Phil Kay (Ch 4), Edinburgh Nights (BBC1), Montreal Festival of Fun (Ch 5) and plenty more besides.


Richard Rycroft: The Song’s I’ll Never Sing

Somewhere between stand-up and story-telling, a nice man reflects on turning 50. From the death of Elvis and the birth of Punk, to the importance of singing your own songs. Always.

“Comedy sunshine” – (Three Weeks, Edinburgh)
“A solid act who… will do well smouldering gently in the smaller clubs” (Corry Shaw, Chortle)
“Clever wordplay and knowing malapropisms get the laughs, even if the gags are sometimes smarter than he gets credit for” (Steve Bennett, Chortle)
“Clean but funny” (Surrey Herald)
“A superb performance and a nicely crafted set” – (Stuart Morrison, The Gag Factory, Guildford)
“Loved this guy…. He is SO welcome back.” – (Midlands Comedy Forum)

ALL FOR A CHEEKY £5 (a Fiver, a Favour, a Forever Yours)

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