Koha-ha last night – Set still at 80% better

Last night’s gig was an intimate affair downstairs filled with Kiwis. And with Donald Mack compering, I went up with my opening “suicide bomber” joke, which fell flat at the punchline when someone bumped at a table rather loudly.

Still, the rest worked well and I had a pleasant gig. But must have faith, gotta keep the flow going and the jokes work, so asking people for gigs…hopefully I can get somewhere.

On a lighter note, sat with Chuquai outside the Koha restaurant, and Jerry Hall and June Brown (of Dot Cotton fame) were beside us having dinner. After they left, I pointed it out to him (an American Indian), he said, “Wow, I wondered who those two birds were that were gawking at me.”

Lol @Chuquai

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