Do you know how to make hot chocolate

Do you know how to make hot chocolate?

You pour a spoon of the chocolate powder, then pour a smidgen of milk and stir until it becomes pasty.

Then pour in hot water and top it up with a little more milk and viola! The perfect hot chocolate.

Not a joke, just a handy tip.

I discovered that trick a few years from my wife because she literally knows everything.

But I love that I found it out now, as a 41-year-old. 

See, I love how getting older means becoming wiser…and that’s what I love about advancing age.

Which is different to the art of being old. That feeling sucks. No one wants that, or wants the stress. The aches and pains that go with it

Of shitting in a bag, asking for help to pee or decide which teeth you’re going to wear today.

But the passage of time, discovering knowledge as we proceed, there is a subtle joy to the art of discovery, especially youthful ones.

I mean, as an adult, you learn either through the internet or a loved one or from going to school, and that’s very responsible. 

But as a kid learning to make hot chocolate, you were taught by your parents and it’s a loving, bonding moment. Which adults feel nostalgia for and remember more joyously.

It’s that feeling of “I feel like a kid again.”

And if you want a comparison, here’s one. It’s like discovering your penis at the age of 3 years old is a fascinating, learning experience for a child. But discovering your penis at the age of 40 when you decided to lose weight and forgot it was there, was an amazing, personal development.

Do you know how my wife learnt to make the perfect hot chocolate? She read the instructions on the box.

That’s probably a different discussion for another time.