Best Moments of 2021

So another year and a new round-up of the past year, listing out the best moments of 2021 before we succumb to the mysteries of 2022.

Overall, I loved my year. It didn’t inspire countless breakthroughs, but we managed some amazing feats that I’m truly proud of.

  1. Appeared in a Belgian Magazine
  2. Survived a fire on Table Mountain
  3. Saw a galaxy with the naked eye
  4. Applied to study Video Content Production
  5. Had a second surgery
  6. Performed my 1 hour special for the second time
  7. MC’ed two Fight Nights
  8. Finished my website redesign

Appeared in a Belgian Magazine

Didn’t expect the first one, right? Here’s you, being inquisitive about what my year was like and boom! A Belgian magazine? What for?

Sadly not for comedy, but comical in itself. Belgium was (or still is) educating its citizens to conserve water. So, they commissioned a South African team to shoot people in different situations in their gardens. And for some INSANE reason, asked for a dad-bod to blow leaves away.

Cue monkey-nuts here and the picture below. You’re welcome.

Survived a fire on Table Mountain

I admit that we weren’t in any real danger. The fire that broke out close to the University of Cape Town earlier this year did more damage there, while on our side of the mountain it simply scorched the side of its vegetation.

We were scared though, and our street was evacuated not just for the fire but for the smoke inhalation. So we travelled to a friend’s and stayed overnight, hoping we’d come back to our home intake.

Poor Odo…he had to stay at the doggy daycare the whole time.

Saw a galaxy with the naked eye

So you know me, I go ga-ga for science fiction, spaceships and pew-pew.

But to even comprehend the magnitude of life beyond our orbit is staggering, and to experience it even more so.

Being the amazing human she is, Sam took me to Sunderland to experience their observatory. Sadly the main telescope was out of bounds for plebians like ourselves. Through high-powered commercial telescopes, we were treated to beautiful phenomena. One of them being…a galaxy.

The Sombrero Galaxy. I got to see it…with my naked eye.

Damn, people…you have no idea.

Applied to study Video Content Production

My dream has always been to create short stories or films. And while it’s not the best time to get into creating content – the world saturated by trillions of shows and films each day while quadrillions more get their scripts rejected every minute – my life has given me the opportunity to try.

The course isn’t one that will turn me into Scorcese either, but it’s a start. Leaving my easy but stressful job isn’t going down well with the finances, so it’s about throwing my hat into the ring. All I can do is fail, fail, fail…and succeed.

Had a second surgery

Not trying to make a habit of it, but decided that my haemorrhoids had to come off / out / in???

The recovery was a tad worse than the vasectomy, but the first week went quickly enough. The end result means I can concentrate on exercising more frequently and doing weights to shape my belly up more. Plus the bleeding was concerning every time I read my daily comic book in the loo, yuck.

Performed my 1 hour special for the second time

I made another attempt at performing “Genuine Porra” for the second time. I was very frustrated by the result. I stumbled at the beginning and my brain was everywhere despite all the rehearsal time.

In my defence, it is really hard to hold down two jobs while trying to do an hour show. Our minds are not equipped to multi-task so (generally anyway). I’m glad I did it and willing to try again, this time with a new show with completely new material. 2022 could get a new title like, “How to Lose Family and Influence Nobody”.

MC’ed two Fight Nights

I got the call. “Our regular MC moved to Amsterdam, can you host our fight night?” And I was like, “Yeah, sure, pfftt, whatever…ok.”

Man, it was thrilling to host the fight night at my local gym. The first time we barely made it through all the matches before the police raided due to Covid restrictions, and the second was by no means more sedate than the first.

Using my big boy voice and dressing up in a suit…what fun.

Finished my website redesign

With some assistance, finally got off my proverbial butt and completed my site’s redesign.

Basic but unique, it hopefully stands out and allows for easy reading.