With no one to blame but himself, chirpy foreigner Nelson de Gouveia hit the comedy circuit late in 2008.

Dry, expressive, opinionated and at times the most awkward comedian you’ll meet, he’s become quietly known as a solid opener and adaptive performer that sets a good mood for the entire night he plays in.

He’s also an under-performing over-achiever, dabbling in acting, editing and writing, producing and direction. Personally, he’s happily married, living with his wife and dog in Cape Town.

Professionally, he’s waiting for your call.

“Whilst De Gouveia’s performance is a somewhat patchy mix of childish gags and at times sheer wit, his stage presence is largely commanding and fantastically funny, despite the occaisional line stumbles. This however was geniusly rectified by his ability to improvise and think on his feet.” 

LoveFringe 2011

“Delightfully disturbing! Mr de Gouveia gives the audience a glimpse into his deepest thoughts, internal struggles and greatest joys of a very relatable man!”

Anonymous 2019